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We offer a wide array of anti-aging, skin-enhancing treatments, including permanent hair reduction, laser & chemical peels, hydration & acne facials, photo facials, traditional & radio frequency micro-needling, skin tightening, fat & cellulite reduction & injectables.

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At Safe Health & Med Spa, we are proud to offer non-surgical treatments for men and women, face and body. We offer a wide array of anti-aging, skin-enhancing treatments, including permanent hair reduction, laser & chemical peels, hydration & acne facials, photo facials, traditional & radio frequency micro-needling, skin tightening, fat & cellulite reduction & injectables. Our skincare experts are among the most talented in the greater Lansing area and beyond. Every member of our team is dedicated to achieving superior results and providing the highest level of comfort, discretion, and personalized care.
Are you considering a skin care regimen? Our friendly, talented team of skincare professionals is here to help you maintain fresh, beautiful & youthful skin. To schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Licensed Aestheticians or our Registered Nurse, call our office today at 517-220-7546.

SAFE Dermaplane Exfoliation

Light exfoliation of dead skin cells and peach fuzz

SAFE Dermaplane Exfoliation is performed by one of our Licensed Aestheticians, using a special sterile blade to gently scrape away the top layer of dead epidermal cells. Along with exfoliating, dermaplaning also helps remove the unwanted vellus (peach fuzz) hairs from the face. Removal of the outer layer of dead cells and fine hair not only gives the skin a smoother, brighter appearance, it also enhances the penetration of skin care products. While it is not recommended for the treatment of coarse dark hair, we do offer laser and light-based treatments that are highly effective for this type of hair reduction. Dermaplaning does not affect the actual hair follicle. Once the hair is cut, it will maintain a blunt edge, but the main structure of the hair does not change and cannot be altered by dermaplaning. The vellus (peach fuzz) hair on the face will grow back the same size, color, and shape.
In addition, dermaplaning can prepare the skin for other aesthetic procedures such as chemical peels and photo facials, to give the client a better change in the outer layer of the skin.
There is little to no downtime with this procedure and most clients see and feel a difference in their skin immediately after the treatment. Dermaplaning is an excellent way to maintain a healthy glow to the skin.

SAFE Hydration Facial

Great for all skin types, brightens, exfoliates, unclogs pores, boosts skin’s hydration

The SAFE Hydration Facial is a revolutionary treatment that has taken facial rejuvenation to a whole new level. This facial provides immediate results with no downtime, all in a very gentle process. This four-step method includes cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and vortex infusion with antioxidants. This relaxing treatment promotes overall skin health and can help with mild brown spots & uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, dull, dry & dehydrated skin, congested, acne-prone or oily skin, as well as enlarged pores.

The SAFE Hydration Facial is a top performer at Safe Med Spa. Rather than exfoliating with tiny granules (as in microdermabrasion), the exfoliation is performed with a water-based formula. The tips used on the device are equipped with a patented vortex technology which swirl away the dull, dead skin cells and gently extracts debris from your pores – without any pressing or pinching.

The process is highly effective, but exceptionally gentle on your skin: the perfect monthly facial. Once the skin has been exfoliated, custom serums are infused into the surface. These serums are selected specifically to treat your individual skin condition. Immediate results, no downtime, no discomfort and great for all skin types! To help maintain soft, healthy, refreshed facial skin, add a SAFE Hydration Facial to your monthly beauty regimen.

SAFE Chemical Peels

Lightens mild sun damage/brown spots, large pores, fine lines, textural & acne issues, revives dull skin

Our medical-grade chemical peels at Safe Med Spa deliver great results. We have selected what we believe are the most effective formulas available. You are unique and so is your skin. The first step in choosing the right chemical peel for you is a full evaluation of your skin condition and an in-depth discussion about what you hope to achieve. Call our office today to set up a complimentary skin evaluation.

SAFE Intense Pulsed Light & Tight

Minimizes unwanted browns & reds in the skin, while also stimulating new collagen for firming & tightening
Voted the #1 favorite by our patients here at Safe Med Spa! Help your skin stay young forever with this popular combination therapy. Make SAFE Intense Pulsed Light & Tight part of your skin care routine. With continued use, this amazing procedure has been proven to change the expression of genes associated with aging, longevity, and increased lifespan. Skin is actually “rejuvenated” resulting in fewer degenerative changes in the dermal tissue and more uniform collagen deposition. With regular treatments, your skin will become clearer, smoother, and ultimately, much younger.
Recommended to treat brown spots, redness associated with rosacea, tiny blood vessels, loss of elasticity, fine lines and crepiness. Also perfect as part of a preventative regimen.
Corrective treatment is recommended in a series of 4 to 6 sessions, done at two-week intervals. Preventative care can be done monthly to quarterly.

Photo Rejuvenation

Minimizes unwanted browns & reds in the skin

Over time, sun exposure can damage and discolor your skin. These effects are most noticeable as areas of redness (rosacea), tiny capillaries or brown pigmentation. Our light-based treatments can be used on face, neck, chest, hands, arms, legs and back. As these areas of discoloration become more prominent, they can give your skin a less healthy, uneven, splotchy appearance.

Intense Pulsed Light therapy is a non-invasive technique for treating sun damaged skin. Safe Med Spa Lansing, offers this broad band technology, giving patients an effective option for reversing skin damage and discoloration. Patients should avoid prolonged sun exposure & use of self-tanners for two weeks prior and two weeks post treatment. The treatment can cause hyper pigmentation or uneven pigmentation on tanned skin.

This procedure can also be customized to treat acne. It also pairs well with our laser peels for moderate sun-damage, creating an overall healthier, more luminous complexion.

This photo rejuvenation applies pulses of broad band light energy that target the melanin of damaged skin cells. When these cells absorb the pulsed light, they become heated and over time, absorbed by your body. For those wanting to boost collagen for firming, this procedure can also be customized with different skin tightening modules during treatment- all with no downtime. Set up your complimentary consultation with one of our Licensed Aestheticians today. They will customize a plan that is right for you!

SAFE Permanent Hair Reduction

Effectively reduces hair of color on face & body (will not treat white, gray or blonde hair)

Dr. Fatteh’s Safe Med Spa offers the latest in laser hair reduction designed to enhance personal appearance and boost self-confidence. Typically, the best candidates for laser hair reduction are those with light skin and dark hair, however, we are also able to treat skin of color (targeted hair must still be pigmented). Common areas treated are underarms, bikini area, legs, back, arms, chest, and face. Unwanted hair is a common cosmetic issue for both men and women- Safe Med Spa provides safe and effective solutions for this prevalent problem.

Get Sexy, Smooth Skin

Stop shaving, plucking, tweezing. Laser hair reduction offers you the solution of getting rid of your unwanted hair permanently, minimizing unsightly red bumps and ingrown hairs. Laser hair reduction targets and destroys hair follicles with minimal discomfort, using highly concentrated energy. Over several sessions, generally done at 6 to 8 week intervals, we can help you get rid of that unwanted hair. It can also address cysts and other problems from ingrown hair follicles.

SAFE Exfoliation Laser Peels

Light exfoliation to deeper peeling, targets stubborn brown spots, enlarged pores, rejuvenates dull, dry skin

Safe Med Spa offers Erbium laser resurfacing treatments. Laser technology uses a more powerful and focused beam than IPL or BroadBand Light (BBL)® alone. For moderate discoloration or brown spots, it may be suggested to pair IPL or BBL® with a Safe Exfoliation Laser Peel, to maximize the benefit of each. Our Aestheticians offer individual consultations, to customize the patient’s treatment, based on desired results. Younger patients or those new to lasers, may desire a light exfoliation, while more mature skin or those with moderate sun damage may require a deeper laser peel.
On average, peeling will begin 2 to 3 days post treatment & continues to shed for about 5 to 7 days. Once the dry skin has lifted and flaked away, the skin will reveal healthy new tissue beneath. Brown spots generally lighten about 60% to 80% with each application. Patients with more significant discoloration or larger treatment sites may need more than one session. In some cases, only the brown spots may need retreating. Your Aesthetician will be able to make suggestions once the skin has healed.

SAFE Fractional Laser Tightening

Stimulates new collagen for softening the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, acne & surgical scars
Fractional laser is the solution for achieving significant resurfacing results with minimal downtime. Unlike full field resurfacing which removes the entire surface area of a treatment site, Safe Fractional Laser ablates tiny hair-like channels into the skin, covering a fraction of the total treatment area. This action initiates the body’s wound response, while leaving the surrounding tissue intact for rapid healing. The benefits of Safe Fractional Laser include increased patient comfort, shorter healing times and results that can range from subtle to dramatic. Your Aesthetician at Safe Med Spa can customize treatment to accommodate your needs. Generally, patients are advised to allot 3 to 5 days for mild to moderate swelling post treatment.

SAFE Dual Fractionated Resurfacing

SAFE Dual Fractionated Resurfacing utilizes the most innovative lasers, ideal for more stubborn brown spots, scarring and moderate skin laxity. This combination of erbium laser and a broad band of filtered lights work to even out skin tone and stimulate new collagen.

Safe Med Spa’s most aggressive skin resurfacing treatment is designed for those with significant sun damage and signs of aging. This combination of deep tissue-heating and exfoliation laser peel targets a deeper layer of skin to remodel wrinkles, scarring and brown spots. Safe DFR will jump start your body’s natural collagen synthesis- creating new, tighter, younger collagen for support and structure. Recovery time may be 7 to 10 days of swelling and peeling, depending on depth of treatment. Call our office today & schedule a complimentary consultation. One of our Licensed Aestheticians will evaluate your skin, discuss your concerns, and create a plan that is right for you!

SAFE Laser Rejuvenation

For redness associated with rosacea, texture, fine lines, mild scarring, large pores, crepiness 

SAFE Laser Rejuvenation utilizes non-invasive laser technology to treat fine lines, large pores, uneven skin texture, diffuse redness and scarring safely, discretely, and effectively over time. Its innovative technology promotes vibrant, healthy looking skin and its warm heat will stimulate new collagen. Our patients love the subtle, yet consistent results after each treatment, without unwanted side effects or down time. SAFE Laser Rejuvenation is very relaxing and does not require a change in routine or regimen post treatment. We also love to pair this procedure with a glycolic peel or a SAFE Hydration Facial– great combos for firming & brightening skin prior to your next party or event!

SAFE Light-Based Acne Facial

For clear, healthy, radiant skin

Safe Med Spa offers a cutting-edge acne treatment that uses a variety of filtered light to comfortably and effectively clear acne without creams or medicine. We first treat the skin with blue light to eliminate acne-causing bacteria at its source, deep down in the pores. Then we treat with yellow light to reduce the inflammation and redness associated with acne, for a healthier looking complexion. For added benefit, we then treat with infra-red light in rapid, gentle pulses to initiate the body’s natural healing process.

This light-based protocol penetrates deep into the skin, which also helps stimulate and regenerate skin cells. It is great for teens and adults alike, most often treating the face, neck, chest and back. Our patients are loving the results: acne cleared, fewer future outbreaks, a more even skin tone, smaller pores, and a healthy glow! We recommend 1 to 2 treatments per week (depending on severity) for a series of 6 treatments.

SAFE Micro-needling

Soften fine lines, large pores, scarring and stretch marks

Safe Med Spa offers micro-needling, which utilizes a sterile needle-tip containing 12 tiny micro-needles to create a controlled injury to the skin. This initiates the skin’s repair process to naturally produce collagen and elastin, ideal for softening fine lines, large pores, acne, and surgical scars, as well as stretch marks. Micro-channels created by the treatment allow for optimal absorption of topical products, enhancing their effects in the under the skin. SAFE Micro-needling can be used on all areas of the scalp, face and body including fragile skin around the eyes, mouth, and neck.

A topical numbing cream is applied prior to treatment and aftercare is given for use post treatment. Skin will feel warm like a sunburn immediately after, which typically subsides within 24 hours. Skin may appear slightly red and swollen and mild peeling may occur within a few days post. Normal skin care regimen can typically be resumed after one week and use of makeup can generally be resumed after 3 to 5 days. These treatments can be repeated at 4 to 6 week intervals, as needed.

SAFE Radiofrequency Micro-needling

Diminish fine lines & scarring, rebuild collagen for firming & lifting, restore a healthy glow

SAFE Radiofrequency (RF) Micro-needling takes traditional micro-needling to the next level. One of our most popular treatments to date, this procedure improves signs of aging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and scars with little to no downtime. SAFE RF uses microneedles to deliver fractional Radiofrequency (RF) energy into varying levels of the skin including the deeper layers where treatment is most beneficial. This unique delivery of energy allows us to achieve optimal results on all skin types. To achieve the optimal effect, 3 to 4 treatments are recommended at 6 to 8 week intervals. You will start to notice results after your second treatment, but optimal results appear 3 months after the last treatment. Set up a complimentary consultation with one of our Licensed Aestheticians today. They will address your individual skin concerns and advise if SAFE RF Micro-needling is the right procedure for you!

BOTOX® Cosmetic

BOTOX® Cosmetic or “Botox” is an FDA-approved injectable solution that acts to relax muscles and soften wrinkles. As we animate our faces, our muscles contract to form forehead creases, smile, scowl and squint lines. BOTOX® Cosmetic works by disrupting signals between nerves and muscles, so that the muscles aren’t able to “flex”. This causes less muscle movement and prevents creases and wrinkles to form. Lines may not completely disappear, however, continued treatment will allow the area to crease less, thus allowing new collagen to rebuild and restore.

Most often BOTOX® Cosmetic is used to target horizontal forehead lines, squint lines (crow’s feet) and scowl lines (“angry 11s”). With specialized techniques, it can also be used to increase eyebrow arch, soften “sniff” or “bunny” lines on the nose, raise a down-turned smile or correct a pebbly chin.

BOTOX® Cosmetic can take 7-14 days to reduce muscle movement. Muscle movement gradually returns as the BOTOX® wears off, based on strength of muscle. Those with stronger muscle movement, may need treatment more often in the beginning. Patients are encouraged to keep up on their treatments, which with time, will ultimately produce longer lasting results.


JUVÈDERM® dermal fillers are soft tissue fillers made up of hyaluronic acid gel. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring substance in the skin and it’s extremely plumping, as it holds 1,000 times its weight in per molecule of water. This water molecule network gives the skin a plump appearance and helps cushion deeper structures. As we age, UV sunlight and environmental stressors degrade our natural HA and its surrounding water cushion shrinks. As a result, the skin deflates and loses its supple quality. By injecting JUVÈDERM® hyaluronic acid gel into the skin, we can replace what has been lost, restoring a youthful appearance.

JUVÈDERM® is used to rejuvenate various areas, such as lines and wrinkles around the mouth, nose, upper cheeks and it is also a great filler for lip augmentation. It works to smooth and plump unwanted wrinkles and helps to restore the natural contours of the face. JUVÈDERM® products are a safe and highly effective line of dermal fillers. Set up a complimentary consultation with our Registered Nurse Injector today! 517-220-7546

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